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My Story

As humans, we are hardwired for stories, and here is mine, which is the core of our brand. For the past seventeen years, I have been curating everyday luxury with simple, sophisticated, and stunning collections. The passage of time has reaffirmed my love for beautiful treasures, bringing you an exceptional jewelry-buying experience.

Inspired by my girls, Sylvie Paz + Eliza Rae, RAE PAZ, celebrates the strength and beauty that is every modern woman, and the people who appreciate them. This is the heart and soul of our brand, and a message we hope resonates with every woman; the same message I instill in my own girls.

Here, we celebrate love for the sake of it, and the effortless luxury behind every hand-selected piece. Maybe it’s the extra sparkle in a diamond that reminds you of an extraordinary occasion, the glimmer of gold signifying your deserved achievements, or the gift you give yourself simply because it brings a smile ~ however you shine, RAE PAZ will help craft your story.

 A passion for jewelry is simply part of who I am. Sharing our love for beautiful objects and the meanings we place behind them is an intimate and personal interaction that connects us all, allowing our stories, and authentic selves to shine through. And that’s worth its weight in gold.

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