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Dana Rebecca Designs a truly wearable collection that is very special to me. Her designs are simple and forever classic in their own modern and updated way. Elegant without being “fussy” and easy without being ordinary. The story behind the brand represents the philosophy behind RAE PAZ perfectly: a company built on and run by a family. Dana (who was raised in the industry, working at an early age in her father’s factory) and and her sister Jen + brother Noah are the dream team. Their Father, who’s passion for the business has never withered, still goes to the DRD office every day.

The beautiful spirit of family shines through in every step of the DRD process, and represents RAE PAZ to the core. Her designs are beautiful, and knowing that so much love + thoughtfulness goes into the whole production is what makes her jewelry speak to the heart.



DRD Huggies

From $265.00 - $530.00

Sylvie Rose V Studs

From $192.50 - $385.00

Sylvie Rose Bar Studs

From $177.50 - $355.00

Lauren Joy Mini Disc Studs

From $220.00 - $440.00