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Graduated Diamond Necklace

Yellow Gold
White Gold
Rose Gold

The Graduated Diamond Necklace a total diamond weight of 1.09 carats, creating a breathtaking display of shimmering brilliance that will captivate hearts and turn heads.

The necklace is available in three length options: 14 inches, 15 inches, and 16 inches, allowing you to customize the perfect fit for your style and preference. Whether you prefer a snug and intimate fit or a slightly longer and elegant drape, the Graduated Diamond Necklace offers versatility and comfort.

Set on a Gold Chain Necklace, this stunning piece radiates a timeless charm and opulence. Choose from three gold variations: classic 14k yellow gold for a warm and radiant glow, elegant 14k white gold for a modern and chic look, or romantic 14k rose gold for a touch of feminine allure.

  • Diamond weight: 1.09 carats
  • Necklace length: 14-15-16”
  • Set on a Gold Chain Necklace
  • Finished with a spring clasp

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