My Bag



EF Collection is my definition of everyday luxury: simply beautiful pieces that never tire from daily wear. Emily, the designer, has done a stunning job of designing pieces that feel and, of course, look “pretty” with the most sophisticated execution. Her personalized + custom pieces within the collection allow you to celebrate the people you love in a beautifully memorable way. From name necklaces + bracelets to hanging initial charms from a single huggie earring, EF presents some of my favorites that add a finishing touch to my look every day.

EF Collection is my “go to” not because it sits in my jewelry dish on my nightstand and is convenient… but because I can’t wait to put each piece back on!



Gold Mini Huggie Earring

From $148.00 - $295.00

Diamond Bar Stud Earring

From $165.00 - $325.00

Diamond Bezel Stud Earring

From $198.00 - $395.00

Diamond Mini Huggie Earring

From $213.00 - $425.00

Mini Diamond Moon Stud Earring

From $225.00 - $451.00

Rainbow Mini Huggie Earring

From $238.00 - $475.00

Diamond Star Stud Earring

From $275.00 - $550.00

Diamond Chevron Huggie Earring

From $287.50 - $575.00

Ruby Red Kiss Stud Earring

From $288.00 - $575.00

Diamond Heart Stud Earring

From $297.50 - $595.00

Diamond Butterfly Stud Earring

From $325.00 - $650.00

Diamond Trio Stud Earring

From $375.00 - $750.00